Energy Audits

We use a “house as a system” approach to evaluate all of the components of the building through a series of visual inspections and testing procedure.

The secondary goal of the energy audit is to address the comfort issues of the building that are related to indoor air quality, moisture, humidity, dust and allergens, noticeably drafty areas, temperature fluctuations within the building and the overall condition of the home.

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With so many options available through many different manufacturers, contractors and installers consumers are often confused and may end up purchasing a system that is not a perfect fit.

We offer a 100% free no obligation building assessment to determine current and possible future usage. We also look at the amount of surface space available, how a structure is wired and other variables.

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Building Pros

A division of Energy Pros Inc. that is centered around building solutions with a green touch. We provide building upgrades, remodels and new construction while keeping energy needs at the forefront.

All of our premium quality building materials follow a strict green energy standard during their construction process. Our materials also carry the highest green standards certifications once installed in your home or commercial building.

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Welcome to Energy Pros Inc.

We are a leading energy conservation company that provides consumers with educated buying decisions for sustainable energy products. With so many choices available for adding sustainable energy to homes and commercial buildings, making the right decision is imperative to saving money. Our goal is simple, provide education, engineering and principal with our products.
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Energy Audits

The purpose of an Energy Pros audit is to test the efficiency of your home or commercial building. We measure the amount of air that enters and exits through doors, windows an insulation. Read More…

Solar Electric

The sun is an amazing source of free energy, we will help you capture it and save money on your monthly utility bills. Our affordable solar products are very efficient, reliable and maintenance free. Read More…

Solar Thermal Hot Water

With natural resources depleting and energy costs rising the need to be sustainable, renewable, and efficient has never been more important. Solar hot water offers huge tax benefits, energy savings and a low cost of entry. Read More…

Sustainable Home Improvement

Reducing consumption is only part of creating a more efficient home. Minimizing escaping heat in the winter and limiting hot sunlight in the summer can have huge impacts on energy usage. Read More…